Chai With Tech

Motion Graphics ~ Brand : Call Me shazzam

Stirring Innovation: Chai with Tech

Coda Studios crafted an engaging title animation for "Chai with Tech," the tech news show by YouTube influencer Call Me Shazzam. Our dynamic visuals set the perfect tone for cutting-edge tech discussions.

Design Systems

Coda Studios entered into a dynamic collaboration with "Chai with Tech" to create a captivating title animation that seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with modern technology themes. Our design system for this project focused on fluid motion, strategic transitions, and visually appealing graphics to enhance viewer engagement.

We began with a rotational flow, symbolized by a chai cup that guides the camera through a series of smooth transitions. This rotational motif not only introduces the show's title but also integrates various tech elements, such as laptops and phones, into the animation. By utilizing precise camera movements and carefully timed cuts, we ensured each scene flowed seamlessly into the next. The chai cup serves as the central element, rotating to reveal different aspects of the tech world. To achieve a cohesive look, we employed a warm color palette reminiscent of chai, combined with sleek, modern design elements that represent technology. Typography was meticulously chosen to match the dynamic yet approachable tone of the show.

In the final scene, the chai cup's rotation subtly compresses the letter "H" to reveal the full title, "Chai with Tech." This innovative reveal technique underscores our commitment to creative storytelling through motion graphics. The result is a visually compelling introduction that captures the essence of "Chai with Tech," setting the stage for its engaging content

Behind The Frames

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