CODA STUDIOS — Design + Direction Co.

We are Your friendly neighborhood Design + Direction driven multidisciplinary creative agency, based in India & working globally.
We Create Curiosity out of ideas, Our spirit is that excellence is a constant pursuit, and to achieve it we need to refine the fundamentals of our craft & talents every single day.
Our works in film, illustration, Visual effects, Web designs & Branding include character-driven animations in 2D & 3D, motion graphics, stop motion, live action, Websites and sometimes even a mix of all those talents.
We love to design stories for classical outlets such as Internet, but we also enjoy every moment of projects where it is possible to tell stories using different media such as VR, 360° videos, interactive installations, and AR.

Our Services
— What We do
Design Services
Strategy + R&D
Web Design + Development
Visual Effects
Full Service Production
Animation + Motion Graphics
AR/VR/XR Experiences
Brand Films & commercials
Digital Marketing
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C.F.O / Production Director

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